TJOKEEFE is an American furniture and object design company established in 2010 by marketer and design strategist Boo Fagan and designer TJ O'Keefe. 

Nesting table comprised of powder-coated steel.
3:1 's three distinct pieces come together to form an 18" cube, and can be arranged in a variety of ways.
Black, white, and fluorescent yellow.

L 18  W 18  H 18

Weathered American cypress lounge chair.
A balance of minimal geometries with simple construction
techniques and complex material texture,
RIFT conveys an elemental sophistication in its formal simplicity.
Available in natural and black.

L 26.5  W 24  H 16,26

Powder-coated steel and LED light.
45 uses its emitted light to create a graphic composition with
its frame, and captures the space in its interior.
Its triangular form can be leaned against a wall or
other objects in a variety of ways.

L 18/41  W .5  H 18/41

The Loop side table and console are about repetition,
continuous loops, and critical points of intersection.
Using one single form of material, the Loop tables explore the space and graphic qualities of intersecting lines.
Available in black, white, neon yellow, and neon green.

L 18  W16  H 18        L 56  W 17  H 29

Weathered American cypress stool with rubber-dipped feet.
A stripped-down functional piece of furniture, DIP embraces
the beauty of the material with its modest construction techniques.
Available in natural cypress with fluorescent red or yellow feet,
and black cypress with black feet.

L 13.5  W 16  H 18